We are a group of like-minded painters committed to the propagation, style, aesthetics, and approach of the great French Fauve painters. Foremost among these painters are Matisse, Derain, Marquet, Manguin, Vlaminck, and Camoin. Jean Puy, another of these French Fauves, said:

"Nature offers us an infinite variety of effects. We choose among them those that we like, and we strive to render the essence, or rather, the essence of our sensations."

The French Fauves ("wild beasts" in French) burst on the scene at the debut of the twentieth century and continued to paint and evolve during the ensuing half century. We feel the style of the Fauves is a gold mine that has still been only lightly mined with great treasures still to be created.

Many different trends vie for attention in today's art world, among them photo realism, impressionism, graffiti art, highly detailed still-life, abstract art, and every conceivable form of conceptual art. But the bold colors and brash brush work associated with the Fauves still has the power to shock and also to bring joy to the viewer.

In numbers there is strength and our goal is to band together to bring a whole new wave of Fauve painting to the world and we invite others to join us in this campaign, to paint together, exhibit together, and promote this dazzling style of art.


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Most, if not all of the books listed below can be acquired second-hand through the excellent website, www.abebooks.com


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